©2022 By Chris Zappa

(Turns out the American Dream is just a Nightmare)


We all saw it coming, right?

The fact that we’re all rats on a sinking ship? I mean, everything we’ve witnessed leads to this terribly inconvenient conclusion.

Wake up and smell the gunpowder, America.

It’s way past time to admit that this country is a miserably failed experiment. Take the rose-colored glasses off, pull your thick heads out of your asses, and take a look around. What do you see?

I see dead Americans everywhere I look. For god’s fucking sake, I see dead children everywhere I look.

That’s what I see.

I see grease ball politicians filling our TV screens in high-definition with their putrid, lying faces telling us, for the ten thousandth time or more, that now is not the time to talk about this country’s rabid gun violence problem, that now is the time for “thoughts and prayers,” all the while lining their fat ass pockets with blood money from the gun lobby who bought and paid for them.

They’re all terrible actors and even worse excuses for human beings.

Fuck them and their thoughts and prayers.

Thoughts and prayers don’t stop bullets. Thoughts and prayers aren’t going to bring back any of the children who were slaughtered into today’s latest school shooting. Thoughts and prayers aren’t going to bring back the mothers, fathers, grandmothers, or grandfathers who died in last week’s grocery shopping trip — er, I mean — shooting massacre. Thoughts and prayers are going to bring exactly zero comfort to the grieving victims left alive only to be tortured by the fact that their loved ones were ripped from them in a senseless act that didn’t have to happen. Children who survived horror shows like the one today, who will forever be scarred from what they’ve lived through.

Innocent children. Our children.

So do me a favor and shove your thoughts and prayers sideways up your ass.

This was the 144th day of 2022. There have been more mass shootings than days in the year. Let me clarify that: there have been more mass shootings in America than days in the year. This is the only country in the world that can claim that dishonorable distinction.
Think about that.

America is the only country in the world where mass shootings are now considered a “normal” part of everyday life.

Do you think that’s acceptable? Is that what we should “just get used to?”

Do you actually think it’s not going to get worse?

I’ll sell you ocean-front property in Kansas if you think that the gun violence problem in America is going away. It’s never going away. It’s only going to get worse.

Mark my words.

I wish like hell I was’’t right about this, but you and I both know that I am.

More and more of us are going to have our lives ripped apart by gun violence. What’s going to stop it? *shrug*

I don’t know. All I know is that I don’t want to have to raise my child in the land of self-important assholes who think that their right to own assault weapons is more important than the next person’s right to go to school, or the grocery store, or the gas station, or the theater, without being fucking shot to death by some mentally-ill shithead with a fucking machine gun he never should have had access to in the first damn place.

The innumerable multitude of cancers that plague America are stage-four level, and they metastasized too long ago for anyone with any sense to think they can beat it into remission now. Sorry, but that ship has sailed. The “”freedumb” genie is out of the bottle and isn’’t going back in.

Too many Americans have the “it’s not my fucking problem” attitude. Too many Americans think their own shit does’’t stink. Too many Americans think that the problem is everybody else. Too many Americans think that somebody else will fix whatever is broken. Too many Americans are egotistical, irresponsible, self-centered, entitled assholes who think the world revolves around them.

A country is not just a land mass with a flag planted somewhere on the soil of the territory. A country is nothing without a society of mostly good people to claim it, take pride in it, care for it and for one another so that our children, and our children’s children, can live free and pursue happiness. And, you know, go to school without the fear of being gunned down.

I know, that’s asking so much.

America stands by and watches, hands in pockets, thumbs up asses, while our children are slaughtered day after day, year after year. Nobody in a position of power does shit, except enrich themselves while the rest of us just try to struggle through another miserable day without — if we’re lucky — getting shot to death.

Nobody is coming to save you, America.

Maybe it’s because you aren’’t worth saving. Maybe it’s because you haven’t been for a long time.

Maybe it’s because in the face of tragedy and despair, turmoil and sickness, disease and destitution, hunger and daily mass murder, when the people needed true leadership the most, the best those murderous clowns could offer was their thoughts and prayers.

Fuck them and their thoughts and prayers.


©2022 by Chris Zappa