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Johnny’s body language is open and his tone is appealing. He is articulate and his drawing out his articulation and pacing time is engaging. He comes across as in control and level-headed in his delivery and appears to be credible. While many of the revelations are shocking, he openly describes his experiences with Amber and holds nothing back. He is also credible in the fact that he openly admits his flaws and embarrassing issues as well.


Johnny is mesmerizing on the stand.

While Johnny’s detractors may say he is just a good actor, I can assure them that no actor can be that consistent in his or her delivery over the course of that many days unless there was truth involved in what they were saying.

His description of his childhood with his mother being so abusive towards him and demeaning him verbally makes the jury and the public better understand the dynamics of his relationship and why he was drawn to such a toxic wife as Amber. The toxic way his mother treated him was very familiar to the toxic way Amber treated him. As Sigmund Freud so correctly put it”what we don’t resolve – we repeat”. In essence, as we see throughout Johnny’s testimony we can clearly see how Johnny repeated this toxic relationship and married a woman very similar to his mother’s behavior toward him. That is why it was so hard to “quit her”.

What is most shocking is that Amber filmed him during arguments. She filmed him in drunk and drugged states. Was she setting him up for the time she was planning to divorce him where there would be a big payoff? It seems that way. But all of this backfired on her when she admitted on tape that she did indeed hit him and then minimized it. She openly admitted in her own words that she struck Johnny.

As for his banging cupboards and punching walls apparently, this is the same behavior that his father did when he was angry at Johnny’s mother. According to Johnny, his father never hit his mother, only inanimate objects. So this is the same behavior that Johnny modeled in his relationship with Amber.

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In watching Amber, she is not wearing full makeup for effect. No doubt, she was coached by her attorney to look like the sad alleged victim-the abused wife. She must have also been coached not to move much or react emotionally. However, there were times when her emotions did take over and she did look as though she was on the verge of tears during h testimony.

What is obvious is the mirroring of Johnny’s wardrobe the following day after he wore it, especially the tie with the Bee emblem on it. This was clearly a statement she was making that backfired on her. The public has noticed this and no doubt a jury will as well. It is a form of competitiveness with Johnny. No doubt that her toxic competitiveness with him permeated throughout the relationship which led to their demise. No relationship can work with any competition as opposed to teamwork.

As for Amber, we have not yet heard her side of the story. But it looks like she may exhibit signs of being manipulative gaslighting, and extreme narcissism based on what we heard from Johnny’s testimony. No matter what, this relationship was so toxic that it resulted in her engaging in bodily harm, and emotional harm.

There is no doubt that his tragic childhood played a role in how he got himself into this situation. There is also no doubt that he had substance abuse issues and was very open about it. Even if the jury finds in his favor there is so much damage that has been done that it would take a Herculean effort by an army of PR people and an army of studio executives who are willing to help get Johnny’s career back on track. It may very well be worth the effort as he is an exceptional actor- an actor’s actor.

But as far as Johnny’s personal life is concerned for his future, my recommendation is that he should never get into a relationship with anyone again until he has some major psychotherapy to work out his parental issues and the harm it did to him. Even if he forgave his mother as he said, it is not enough. He needs to look at how their dynamic has affected the choice of self-destructive behavior and his relationships. In doing so, he won’t allow another Amber into his life. In addition, it will help him get to the root of his emotional pain and face it openly so he doesn’t have to numb it with drugs and alcohol.


©2022 By Lillian Glass

Director/ Producer, Body Language Expert, Communication Expert