©2022 By Lillian Glass – Director/ Producer, Body Language Expert, Communication Expert

First of all, she is once again copying Johnny’s style as she too is wearing a vest under a blazer just like Johnny is wearing and has been wearing throughout the trial.

When she spoke of her cavity search, it didn’t ring true as she asks questions and tries to conjure up tears as in bad acting as she says he proceeds to do a cavity search and she asks it as a question with an upward inflection. This may be a signal of deception. The fake emotion of trying to conjure up tears as she said this was obvious. No liquid came out of her eyes. Her recovery time from the feigned tears to a neutral expression was too quick. Then she says, “Why would I hide his drugs?” That is usually a signal of deception when people ask a question like this of the blue.

Her over-the-top facial machinations also seemed contrived to me as if she was doing a dramatic scene and was acting over the top. It didn’t seem genuine to me. As she gets more and more graphic in her description of what Johnny allegedly did to her in terms of the alleged cavity search, she tries harder and harder to conjure up emotion and tears. But the tears never came. She kept shaking her head. It truly reminded me of a beginning acting student.

The heavy breathing as she tries to describe the story also seemed to be another signal of deception. You often hear this kind of breathing when you hear 911 calls by the person who perpetrated a crime. We have all heard it on such shows as Dateline and 20/20. That is what it sounded like.

When she was asked a question, she didn’t answer right away. She paused just like Johnny did in his testimony style. It seemed as though she was mirroring his on the stand behavior.

The heavy breathing and facial contortions were inappropriate and incongruous to what was being said. There were considerable shoulder shrugs which was also a signal of deception when she answered her questions.

The facial grimacing and furrowed brow and downward mouth also seemed over the top when speaking. It seemed to be her go-to expression, which did not seem authentic based on the content of what she was discussing.

She also rambles on and on and doesn’t make sense in many instances and goes into irrelevant details. Then she has a burst of fake laughter and goes back to heavy breathing. The story of his trying to kill her did not seem to ring true, as it didn’t seem authentic. The over-the-top dramatic delivery of her testimony and fake tears and facial expressions are extremely disturbing in terms of authenticity.

When she described the incident with Johnny and the dog, she couldn’t remember which dog he allegedly held out the window. She looks up and blinks a lot. I can guarantee you that if any of us saw someone doing this to a dog, they would immediately know which dog was being held out the window and they would not have to think about it as Amber did. And then she says she was torn because she didn’t know what she should do and blamed others for not doing anything. There is no emotion as she describes this seemingly tragic story with a rather flat affect. The thought of anyone harming or potentially harming an animal would definitely raise up emotions and it did not in this case. This story did not ring true at all to me.

She comes across a very unlikeable on the stand. After watching her on the stand today and seeing all of these blatant signals of deception and overacting and fake tears and emotional states, it will be very difficult to continue watching more of the Amber Show as this trial continues.


©2022 By Lillian Glass – Director/ Producer, Body Language Expert, Communication Expert