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So Punk, what are you going to wear?

I’m already thinking about Fall 2022. I have just seen my first glimpse of tourist winter white flesh revealed. I witnessed for a mere nano second the stretch marks and imperfections, back fat and butt cracks! I’m ready to see the coats back on and the sins of our unhealthy diets swathed and draped in almost anything.

But let’s not get carried away. I was drawn to the Givenchy Fall 2022 Ready to Wear and there is a group that suits the wild, sassy, non-conformist in all of us. The first 13 looks of this show are dark, slouchy, comfortable and sexy. If you look carefully at these ensembles you will see what I mean. And I hear the inner screaming. Who can afford these? Let’s talk about that.

Right now you can get an oversized leather blazer at Zara for $89.00.

The black skirt is harder imitate, and pricier, but they have it at Dion Lee. This comes in black and olive.

You can get a number of Doc Marten boots to wear. I suggest the Azrea Max 26 eye platform, especially if you are running all over New York or London. You need thigh high cotton opaque stockings with these. Fishnets are not what you are going for. That’s another conversation and mood altogether.

If you are really looking for the least expensive way to mock the skirt, you can go to Etsy and check out the options there. I looked under Corset garters. If it looks too much like lingerie, you are missing it. Buy it a size larger so you can wear it down on your hips. It might look a little Madonna circa Blonde Ambition Tour but there is nothing wrong with that.

You can also wear the leather blazer with bike shorts and a Legsville “Nothing Works” t-shirt. These faux patent leather leggings give polish to the blazer and are especially functional when it rains.

Some of these items can be found at your local Sex Shop or Emporium. Go on down to see what they have in latex and faux patent. The prices are usually very competitive. And who knows, you might meet your next boo!


©2022 By Suzy Dooley